The Neshoba County Fair is called Mississippi's Giant House Party, and it is just that. Neshoba County families gather from across the country every summer for a week long family reunion and house party like no other.

The Fair cabin is the center of activity for families staying at the fair and the front porch is the most popular place for gathering. Porches are for sitting, visiting and just watching the neighborhood activities.

Neighborhoods such as Happy Hollow, Sunset Strip, Founders Square and Greenleaf Hollow all have their own personalities and traditions.


As Robert Craycroft said in The Neshoba County Fair: Place and Paradox in Mississippi, "Conversation is the underlying reality of the Fair. It is the impetus for thousands of  people to live in crowded cabins under the intense August sun, and it is the glue that has brought together and has held together generation after generation of Neshoba Countians."

Great food is another attraction at the Fair. Meals are the result of months of planing and preparation. Friends and visitors that stop by to visit are often invited to stay for a  meal. Gallons of tea, lemonade and coolers of   ice are always plentiful in every cabin.


There are plenty of other things that make up a day at  the Fair besides visiting and eating. There are merry-go-rounds to ride, prizes to win, new friends to make and old ones to see again. There are races to get excited about, exhibits to see and politicians to shake hands with. There's an antique car parade to watch and something called a chair race that just can't be explained. In fact the Fair itself can't really be explained. Only when you've walked in the sawdust covered Square on hot summer day can you begin to understand.

2019 – July 26-August 2

$40 Season Pass
Age 10 & Older

$15 Day Ticket

Children 9 & Under FREE

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