Fair Cabins

The cabins are the physical and social units of the fair. Each one has its own distinguishable characteristics, families come out ahead of time to get the cabins fair ready, this includes cleaning and getting the decorations up. Many cabins carry a lot of history for families, built by parents and grandparents of fair goers today. While cabin owners do not own the land the cabins are on they are responsible for land taxes.

   One Story

  Two Story

   Three Story

The first cabins were single story, they provided one room for sleeping and one for entertaining on either side of an open breezeway. They were usually built with surplus materials and many had dirt floors. Cabins of today are narrow, deep structures, two and three stories high with front porches on both floors. The first floors are mainly devoted to eating and entertaining while the other floors are used for sleeping, each cabin can sleep in excess of 30 people at once.

If you ever attend the fair, you will notice that the cabins are located in neighborhoods, after all there are over 600 cabins and 575 camper spaces and over 25,000 people attend the fair each year, the fairgrounds become a thriving city during fair week.

Beverly Hills
Happy Hollow
Sunset Strip
Bourban Street
Canal Street

These are just a few of the neighborhoods located on the fairgrounds.